SERB Research Scientists Scheme


The INSPIRE Faculty Scheme of Department of Science and Technology (DST) and Ramanujan Fellowship Scheme of the Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) offer opportunities for young scientists to initiate and sustain research careers in various fields of science and engineering. These schemes do not offer extension of the fellowship after completion of five years. The support link isbroken after the end of the tenure of the respective fellowships.

In order to provide a platform for sustainment of their research for some more time, SERB Board has recently approved a new ‘SERB Research Scientist (SRS) Scheme’ for the awardees of INSPIRE Faculty and Ramanujan Fellowships, who fail to secure regular positions after completion of the regular tenure of five years in the respective schemes. The fellows will be called ‘SERB Research Scientists’.The scheme provides an opportunity for them to continue their research activities and also toexplore for regular positions during the intervening period.


Identify and provide a platform for sustainment of theresearch career of INSPIRE Faculty and Ramanujan Fellows for an additional period of two years after completion of the regular tenure of five years in the respective schemes.


  • The scheme is open only to INSPIRE Faculty and Ramanujan Fellows.
  • The applicant should have completed or nearing completion of the tenure of INSPIRE Faculty of DST or Ramanujan Fellowship of SERB. Application shall be submitted within six months before or after completion of regular tenure of the schemes. However, previous batches may be allowed to apply now at the opening of this new scheme.
  • The upper age limit for INSPIRE Faculty/Ramanujan Fellows is 40 years at the time of submission of application.
  • SRS can be availed only once by a candidate in his/her career.

Nature & Duration of Support:

  • The SRS Scheme will be made effective only after completion of the tenure of the respective INSPIRE Faculty/Ramanujan Fellowship.
  • The SRS scheme can be availed only once by a candidate in his/her career.
  • The SRS is tenable only in India and can be implemented in any of the recognized academic institutions, national laboratories and other recognized R & D institutions. The host institution should provide necessary administrative and infrastructural support.
  • The Faculty/Fellow can either implement the SRS Scheme from the present host institution or opt to choose a different host institution that is suitable to the objectives of the proposed research work.
  • The SRSs will not be allowed to work at the same Department / institution where the candidates have earned their PhD/M.S/M.D degree.
  • The SRS is purely a temporary and contractual assignment, and is tenable for a period of 2 years, extendable to one more year, subject to performance evaluation. Under any circumstances, the support is not extendable beyond three years.
  • The SRSs will be entitled to receive the grants as given below:
  • Sl. No.Budget HeadAmount
    1.Emolument* Consolidated amount of Rs. 1,20,000/- per month
    2.Research GrantRs. 7,00,000/- per annum
    3.OverheadsRs. 1,00,000/- per annum

    * All inclusive

  • Research grant can be used for minor equipment, consumables, contingencies and travel (within India).
  • There is no provision for providing manpower support under this scheme. The Research Scientist is expected to undertake the research objectives by himself/herself during the entire duration of the SRS Scheme.
  • The SRSs are not eligible to receive any other research project / fellowship from any Government or Non-Governmental source during the tenure of the Scheme.
  • The SRSs must seek the consent of SERB if he/she intends to be away from the implementing institute (except for field work related to the project) continuously for a period more than eight weeks.

Selection & Mode of Application:

  • The application for SRS will be opened throughout the year for INSPIRE Faculty/Ramanujan Fellows. The details of SRS will be notified through the website, and
  • Once an application is considered and found unsuitable under SRS scheme, application for the second time will not be entertained.
  • The transition to SRSmay be done based on performance evaluation during the tenure of INSPIRE Faculty/Ramanujan Fellowships.
  • The application will be evaluated by a Selection Committee constituted for the purpose. The Committee may consider the performance evaluation by the relevant subject expert committee during the tenure of the INSPIRE Faculty/Ramanujan Fellowship Scheme. If required, the applicants may be called for personal interview.
  • The application should be prepared and submitted strictly according to the formats prescribed in this document (Annexure I).
  • If any SRS wishes to terminate the assignment for any reason, he/she shall inform SERB through the host institute immediately. The host institute should not incur any expenditure from the date of termination of the project or the date of resignation of SRS. The institute will also arrange for submission of documents mentioned above.
  • SERB reserves the right to terminate the SRS award at any stage if it is convinced that appropriate progress is not being made upon review of the Program or the grant has not been utilized properly.
  • In case the SRS finds a permanent position during the tenure of the Scheme at the same or any other Institution within the country, the SRSemolument shall be discontinued from the day the SRS joins in permanent position, but he/she shall continue with the scheme availing research grant portion of the offer for the remaining period to carry out research as envisaged.
  • SERB has no objection if the host institute so decides to extend same terms andconditions to SRS, as normally available to Ramanujan / INSPIRE Faculty awardees.


SRSs are entitled to leave as per rules of the host institution. Participation in scientific workshops held in India or abroad will be treated as on duty. Maternity leave as per the Govt. of India instructions issued from time to time would be available to female candidates in all categories.

Documents required should be in prescribed format:

  • Bio-data of the applicant
  • Age Proof Certificate
  • Qualification Certificate
  • Award Letter (INSPIRE Faculty / Ramanujan Fellow)
  • Application (Annexure I)
  • Undertaking Certificate by the applicant (Annexure II)
  • Endorsement Certificate from the Host Institute(Annexure III)

The candidates should submit 3 copies of the application printed on both the sides of A4 size paper and send to:

Member Secretary SRS
Science and Engineering Research Board
5 & 5A, Lower Ground Floor
Vasant Square Mall, Sector-B, Pocket-5
Vasant Kunj, New Delhi-110070

A softcopy of the proposal complete in all respect should also be mailed to

The envelope / mail containing the application should be super scribed with “SERB Research Scientist (Specify the area*)”

[* Chemical Sciences, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, Engineering Sciences, Life Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, Physical Sciences]