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Q1: Does SERB discriminate Project Investigators working in Private Universities/Institutions in funding ?A1: No. SERB does not discriminate Project Investigators working in Private Universities/Institutions. Funding decisions are made based on merit of the proposal , competence of the Investigator(s), and the infrastructure available in the implementing institution, and not on the category of institutions the Investigator is working.
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SERB Distinguished Fellowship

Many active senior scientists who are passionate in research find it extremely difficult to continue their research after superannuation and forced to stop doing research against their choice. The great amount of knowledge and more importantly the experience that they have accumulated over many years, which may be considered a non-replaceable treasure, can be lost if some avenues are not made available to them. In order to support research of eminent scientists who do not hold any administrative roles and functions but are active and performing, SERB has instituted Distinguished SERB Fellowship Award.



To support research of superannuated eminent senior scientists who are passionate in research and actively involved in R & D activities even after their retirement.



  • The nominee should be a superannuated but an active resident Indian scientist/ academician who is associated with any recognized Indian laboratory / institute / university with proven track record of outstanding contributions in any one or more areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, during the last 10 years, including continued excellent research output in the last five years. The scientists left with maximum of six months period service to superannuate after the closing date of nomination, may also apply.
  • The nominee must have received recognition for his work from national / international scientific bodies such as membership in prestigious academies.
  • The nominee should not hold any administrative roles and functions and is not in receipt of any other fellowship / salary.


  • Research grant of Rs.20.0 lakhs per annum and fel lowship amount of Rs.60, 000 per month will be given to each Fellow.
  • The research grant shall be used for manpower, equipment, travel (including international), contingency, etc.
  • The award will be given initially for a period of 3 years and is extendable for another 2 years.

Who can nominate?

Past and Present Presidents of any of the national science academies (including Engineering, Agriculture and Medicine), Directors of National Laboratories, Vice-Chancellors of Universities and members of Science and Engineering Research Board.


Note:After the final selection, the selected Distinguish Fellow cannot defer joining the host institute (under formal guidelines) for more than a year.

Call for nomination is made from time to time.

The details of Programme Advisor / Coordinator are given below:


Name of the Programme

Programme Advisor / Coordinator

SERB Distinguished Fellowship

Dr. R K Mehajan
Scientist-G and Head-EAS Division

Year of Science Professorship and Distinguished Fellowship schemes are proposed to be merged as "National Science Chair". There will not be any fresh calls for these schemes. The details of the new scheme "National Science Chair" and consequent fresh call will be notified in future.


Last Updated on 2nd July, 2019