Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is the grants received under Ramanujan Fellowship taxable? A1: Yes, the Grant received under Ramanujan Fellowship is taxable as per I.T. rules.
Q2: For whom the Ramanujan Fellowship is meant for or what is the aim of initiating the Ramanujan Fellowship? A2: The Ramanujan Fellowship is meant for brilliant scientists and engineers from all over the world to take up scientific positions in India and for those scientists who want to return to India from abroad. The Fellowship is scientist-specific and very selective.
Q3: How can a person apply for the Ramanujan Fellowship? A3: An eligible candidate can fill the Ramanujan Fellowship application in the prescribed format and then approach an Institute to host the Ramanujan Fellowship. The nomination should be forwarded by the Head of the Institute in the prescribed format available at SERB website.
Q4: What are the areas covered under Ramanujan Fellowship? A4: All Areas of Science (in the broadest terms) are covered by this Fellowship.
Q5: Which are the institutes and universities where the Ramanujan Fellow can work? A5: The Ramanujan Fellows can work in any of the scientific institutions and universities in the country other than the institute where he/she has obtained his/her doctorate degree.
Q6: Is Ramanujan fellow eligible to apply for regular EMR proposal? A6: Yes, Ramanujan fellows are eligible to apply for regular EMR proposal.
Q7: What are the eligibility criteria for applying for Ramanujan Fellowship? A7: Following are the eligibility criteria for applying Ramanujan Fellowship: 1. The fellowship is open to brilliant scientists and engineers from all over the world who are below the age of 45 years, who wants to return to India from abroad. 2. The applicant should possess a higher degree or equivalent, such as Ph.D. in Science/Engineering, Masters in Engineering or Technology/MD in Medicine, etc. and have adequate professional experience. 3. These Fellowships are very selective and only those who have a proven/outstanding track-record as evident from their research publications and recognitions would be eligible. 4. In case a fellow is offered permanent position, he/she can only avail either fellowship or salary at a given time. 5. This fellowship is meant for working in new areas and laboratories in order to expand their research capabilities, other than the one, where the candidate has obtained his/her doctorate degree. 6. Nominations from the Ph.D guides of the candidate and nominations from the same institute where they opted their Ph.D, will not be considered.
Q8: What is the duration of the Ramanujan Fellowship? A8: The Ramanujan Fellowship duration is for 5 years only.
Q9: How/When can the individual start his Ramanujan Fellowship? A9: A letter is sent by the Science & Engineering Research Board (SERB) to the Individual as well as to the host Institute informing the award of Ramanujan Fellowship. After this the Individual has to join the fellowship within six months of the date of approval and to send his / her Acceptance Letter to the Host Institute, indicating the tentative Month when he wants to start the Fellowship, and then the Institute will forward his Acceptance Letter to Science & Engineering Research Board. Based on this letter SERB will process the case for getting administrative and financial approvals and then a Sanction Order is issued to the Host Institute (marking a copy to the Ramanujan Fellow) and a copy to the Drawing and Disbursing Officer, SERB for disbursing the grant under Ramanujan Fellowship. When the grant money is received by the Host Institute, the Ramanujan Fellow can start his/ her Fellowship.
Q10: What is the nature of support the Ramanujan Fellow is entitled for? A10: The Ramanujan Fellow is entitled for a Fellowship of Rs.85,000/- per month and in addition a Research Grant of Rs.7.00 Lakh per annum.
Q11: What are other emoluments under Ramanujan Fellowship like HRA etc? A11: For other emoluments like HRA the individual has to negotiate with the host Institute in his own capacity. SERB gives only consolidated fellowship of Rs.85,000/- p.m.
Q12: Can a person avail grants under Ramanujan Fellowship and Salary from the Institute at the same time? A12: No, A person can opt either to avail his/ her salary in the Institute or Fellowship amount under Ramanujan Fellowship. However, a person can avail Research Grant of Rs.7.00 Lakhs per annum along with Salary from the Institute. In case the Ramanujan fellow gets appointment in the host institute/other institute, then the fellow should immediately inform SERB about his appointment supporting with his appointment letter, joining report and his option.
Q13: Can a fellow change the host institute after getting Ramanujan Fellowship? A13: In exceptional cases, a fellow can change the host institute after getting Ramanujan Fellowship. He has to forward NOCs from both the Institutes along with final financial papers indicating balance unspent grant from old institute and appointment letter and fresh endorsement in the prescribed proforma from the new Institute indicating the joining date and duration of the appointment.
Q14: How many times a person can avail International Travel per year in the Ramanujan Fellowship? A14: A person can avail one International Travel per year under Ramanujan Fellowship.
Q15: How does a Ramanujan Fellow get his subsequent Grant? A15: The Grant for the subsequent year are released only after receiving the ink signed hard copies of Statement of Expenditure (SE) and Utilization Certificate (UC) in the prescribed format (available in the website) forwarded with covering letter. The SE and UC are financial year wise i.e. from 01st April to 31st March. For the first year it would be from the Date of Start (DOS) to 31st March and subsequently from 01st April to 31st March. In addition, satisfactory review report of the work of Ramanujan Fellow is required to be done by the Committee Chaired by the Head of the Institute.
Q16: What payments can be made to the project staffs employed for Ramanujan fellow under Research grant? A16: The project staff can be paid as per the SERB order issued time to time. Latest orders are available at SERB website.
Q17: Can a scientist/engineer working in India under a permanent/temporary position be nominated by the institute for Ramanujan Fellowship? A17: No, Ramanujan Fellowship is meant for reverse brain drain i.e. inviting brilliant scientists and engineers who want to return to India from abroad to take up scientific positions in India.
Q18: What is the time duration for selected candidates to join the host institute as a Ramanujan fellow? A18: The selected candidates must join their host institute within 6 months from the issue of the Ramanujan Fellowship Award letter, else the award will be cancelled automatically.
Q19: Can an Institute nominate an employ having temporary employment in India? A19: No, Institute can nominate for Ramanujan Fellowship only from outside India, having no position or employment in India.
Q20: Ramanujan Fellow has not received grant for subsequent years? A20: Grant for subsequent year would be released based on the scientific review of the work done, submission of UC/SE and annual progress report.
Q21: From where a candidate can get himself nominated from? A21: 1. Awardees can choose to work at any S&T institution including University, departments or other academic institutions and national R&D laboratories in India other than the institute where he/she obtained his/her doctorate degree, provided the institution where they wish to pursue research is willing to provide the necessary R&D, administrative and basic infrastructural support to facilitate research. 2. The nomination has to be duly forwarded by the host Institution. 3. Selection will be made by Selection Committee specially appointed for the purpose.
Q22: What is the role of SERB in supporting Ramanujan Fellows? A22: 1. SERB would release fellowship grant of Rs.85,000/- p.m. and Research grant of Rs.7,00,000/- p.aand overheads of Rs.60,000/- p.a. financial year wise. 2. Grant for subsequent years would be released based on the scientific review of the work done, submission of UC/SE and annual progress report. 3. During the tenure of the fellowship the awardee is not entitled to any kind of salary. However, he/she can apply for research grant to various funding agencies through their host institute. The information on the details of projects applied/sanctioned by the agencies may be made available to SERB from time-to-time. 4. SERB may be kept informed about IPR issues and technology developed/commercialized if any during the tenure of the fellowship. 5. SERB reserves right to discontinue fellowship at any stage and change terms & conditions of fellowship.
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Ramanujan Fellowship

The fellowship is meant for brilliant scientists and engineers from all over the world to take up scientific research positions in India, i.e. for those scientists who want to return to India from abroad. The fellowships are scientist-specific and very selective. The Ramanujan Fellows could work in any of the scientific institutions and universities in the country and they would be eligible for receiving regular research grants through the extramural funding schemes of various S&T agencies of the Government of India.


We have been receiving large numbers of applications for Ramanujan Fellowship from prospective applicants. This is to bring to your notice of all the applicants that your applications should accompany a nomination certificate by the Head of the organization where you wish to work. In many cases, the nominations are received through individuals, Registrars/ Deputy Registrars/ Under Secretary etc. Since, this is an academic position, the nominations should only send through the Head of the Organization/ University/ Institute or an authorized academic personnel of the Institute/ University/ Organization. For the benefit of the applicants, a sample nomination form is available on the website ( In future, only applications received though proper nominations will only be accepted for further processing.

Ramanujan Fellowship are only for those candidates who are doing Post Doctoral abroad and not for the people who already have permanent position in a scientific organization in the country.

Formats and Guidelines

The details of Programme Advisors / Coordinators and Programme Officers are given below:

Name of the Programme Programme Advisor / Coordinator Programme Officer
Ramanujan Fellowship Mr. S.S. Kohli
Scientist G
Dr.Pravakar Mohanty
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